Best New Games to Release this Week: May 29 - June 4

The May 29, 2023 in Gift2Gamers News


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Major Game Releases of the Week


Rebuilt from the ground up with new music, HD visuals, and overhauled UI comes System Shock, the sci-fi horror that changed the FPS genre forever when it was released in 1994. A psychotic AI now has control of the space station and turned the crew into mutants and cyborgs, with the plan of doing the same to those on Earth. Can you battle your way through the station and stop SHODAN?


Wield the sentient weapon Doomblade and use its unique powers to destroy the Dread Lords that held it captive in chains for eons. Your vengeful quest will take you through several interconnected worlds as you hunt down your enemies and unlock more powerful abilities that will make you an unstoppable force.


Capcom’s legendary fighting series returns with Street Fighter 6. The arcade fighter includes 18 fighters, three distinctive fighting modes, and real-time commentary. So whether it’s the online competitive play you’re after or a single-player experience, SFVI has something for everyone.



Best New Games to Release this Week






Tuesday, May 30


System Shock




Company of Heroes 3




Farworld Pioneers




Friends vs Friends



To Hell with the Ugly



Poly Bridge 3



Return to Grace




Wednesday, May 31






Candle Knight







Thursday, June 1


Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection




Gunfire Reborn






Killer Frequency





Friday, June 2


Street Fighter 6







We Love Katamari Reroll+ Royal Reverie




Super Mega Baseball 4