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A Distinguished Entity in the Video Game Industry


Founded in 2014, Allkeyshop (AKS) emerged to assist gamers in discovering the finest games at the most affordable prices worldwide.

Presently, AKS leads the industry in CD key price comparison, offering an extensive array of game and software deals, all at the most competitive rates.

We exclusively undertake price comparisons and do not engage in sales. Nonetheless, our exceptional support team is at your service. Contact them at for a seamless, stress-free experience.

Learn more about our services in the articles on how Allkeyshop works and why prices are so low on Allkeyshop.


Unwavering Support


Our support team is outstanding, assisting the community daily with issues and refining our comparison engine through user-submitted pricing error reports.

Kindly note that some matters might necessitate access to confidential purchase data and must be resolved by the seller. Allkeyshop will steadfastly guide you through this process and, if necessary, liaise with the seller directly.


Community Engagement (Game and Shop Reviews)


In our commitment to transparency, we value your opinions about every store and game featured on our platforms.


Environment and Philanthropy


Digital goods’ lack of physical packaging aligns with our ecological mission to reduce carbon impact.

We also actively contribute to charitable causes. Learn more here.


Reward Program


Our community is the cornerstone of our existence. We express gratitude through a comprehensive reward program, collaborating with partners such as Instant Gaming, Kinguin, and HRK to provide thousands of games and prepaid cards.

Beyond that, we host various lotteries including the Allkeyshop HOURLY Lottery and Twitch Subscriber-Only Lotteries. Explore more on our dedicated Allkeyshop_TV Twitch channel.


Absolute Transparency


While not directly involved in sales, Allkeyshop adheres to local and international laws. Our rigorous selection criteria offer optimal experiences and prices. We encourage users to rate and review sellers, fostering open expression.

Curious if purchasing a CD key from an Allkeyshop store is safe? Find answers here.


The Collective


Comprising over 50 dedicated remote employees and freelance consultants, the Allkeyshop Team drives our vision.




Remy Belleteix




Ivonne – HR & Event Manager


Merchants & Marketing Relations:


Denpxc – Shop and Marketing Relations Manager


Partnerships & Marketing Promotion:


Hakura – Partnerships & Marketing Manager


Special Acknowledgment (in no particular order):


Roots, Romain, Cedric, Grimtag, Maddy, Vincent, Remy, Sirlefou, Noe, Arthur, Mogzz, Luc, Helene, Thomas.




Allkeyshop Limited

Room 1501, Prosperity Tower, 39 Queen’s Road Central, 999077 Hong Kong SAR


Media Kit:


Access our Allkeyshop Media Kit PDF and Logo Media Kit ZIP for more details.


If you have inquiries, feel free to contact us through our dedicated support email: