Best New Games to Release this Week: May 1 – May 7

The May 2, 2023 in Gift2Gamers News

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Major Game Releases of the Week



Ready for some fun? Grab your stakes and garlic because a horde of thirsty vampires has taken over Redfall! But don’t worry; a small group of survivors is ready to take them down. So choose your hero, team up with friends, and get ready for a bloody battle. Can you stop the vampires from turning the town into a graveyard?


Are you tired of the mundane? Step into the magical world of Age of Wonders 4 and become a Wizard King! Build your empire and conquer your foes in a realm that reacts to every move you make. Can you handle the power of a god and the pressure of the throne? It’s time to find out!


Are you feeling creative? Design your own dungeon and share it with the world in Super Dungeon Maker! Jump into 2D pixel adventures created by other players or challenge them with your own creations. Inspired by Zelda, Super Mario Maker, and Levelhead, this game has everything you need for endless hours of puzzle-solving fun. So put on your thinking cap and get ready to create some epic dungeons!


Best New Games to Release this Week



Tuesday, May 2






Age of Wonders 4







Wednesday, May 3


Super Dungeon Maker




Thursday, May 4






Knight Crawlers




KAKU: Ancient Seal



Friday, May 5


Hogwarts Legacy