Where To Buy Star Wars Jedi Survivor Merch At Best Price?

The May 9, 2023 in Gift2Gamers News

Fully immerse in the recently released Star Wars game with these awesome Jedi Survivor Merch that will surely satisfy any Star Wars fan!

By Nathalie

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Indulge your inner Jedi (or Sith if you prefer) while playing the recently released Star Wars video game with these best Jedi Survivor merch. 


Gamers, cosplayers, and enthusiasts will surely have fun with these items. Whether you are looking for Star Wars game room ideas or the next best accessory or apparel, you’re in for a treat! 


And don’t worry about the bill, we’ve listed the best Star Wars Jedi Survivor merch that won’t hurt the bank.







Star Wars Jedi Survivor T-Shirt


Let’s start with the simplest but the clearest message that you enjoyed the game: a Star Wars Jedi Survivor print shirt. To be fair, even without playing the game, it’s a pretty cool shirt. Simple but definitely carries the message across. 


Although not part of the official Star Wars Jedi Survivor merchandise, this shirt is handmade and only made with a Fruit of the Loom shirt so it’s definitely comfortable. It comes in 5 sizes starting from Small to XXL.



Star Wars Jedi Survivor Apparel


Buy Star Wars Jedi Survivor Tshirt at Best Price



Star Wars Buddy Droid Backpack


It may look like an ordinary backpack to most but if you know, you know. This fandom backpack has subtle features of BD-1 which makes a perfect conversation starter; a conversation you only want to indulge with fellow Star Wars fans.


But this backpack isn’t just all about the design. It’s also a practical buy. It has two slip interior pockets and one laptop sleeve in the main compartment. Then on the outside, it has a front zipper pocket and two side pockets perfect for a bottle of water or a can of energy drink.



Star Wars Jedi Survivor Backpack


Buy Star Wars BD-1 Backpack at Best Price



Cal Kestis Cosplay Costume


Who wouldn’t want a kickass Star Wars costume or even better, a Cal Kestis costume?! And no, we do not have to wait for Halloween to wear this. You can always host a Star Wars Jedi Survivor playing party that’s also a costume party!

You have the option to buy the whole set or just the apparel without the shoes. It comes in 7 different sizes spanning from XS to 3XL. Unlike other sellers of similar Cal Kestis costumes, this one from Etsy regularly holds a sale so great for the budget too! 



Star Wars Cosplay Costume Cal Kestis


Buy Star Wars Cal Kestis Cosplay Costume at Best Price






Star Wars Sith Holocron Light


Let’s face it, the Sith Holocron looks great in any game room especially this one that lights up! You can choose from five different colors: red, blue, orange, green, and yellow. Or, you can also buy all five at a discount.

Not only is this a great addition to your room as a light, but you also have the option to add in a built-in bluetooth speaker! And if you don’t feel like adding a Sith item to your room, don’t worry, they also have the Jedi Holocron lamp available in two colors.



Star Wars Sith Holocron Lamp Light


Buy Star Wars Sith Holocron Lamp Light at Best Price



Star Wars Jedi Survivor Canvas Art Print


Want some inspiration in your game room while playing Star Wars Jedi Survivor? Then this canvas wall decor is the perfect merch! Unlike the usual Art print posters, this canvas print will add a different dimension to your room.

The art is printed on 100% cotton canvas and uses kiln-dried solid wood so rest assured that the item will not deform nor bend over time. This Star Wars Art merch has 9 sizes to pick from and you can choose whether you want to buy just the canvas or with frame.


Star Wars Jedi Survivor Digital Art Canvas


Buy Star Wars Jedi Survivor Canvas Art at Best Price



Star Wars Wall Clock


Although most rooms now have digital wall clocks (if they still have wall clocks for that matter), this unique analog clock makes a great design for your Star Wars game room. Not only is the style distinctive, but no two clocks are exactly the same as these are carefully handcrafted from genuine LP records.

And don’t worry about analog clocks’ ticking sounds because this one doesn’t have it. It comes with a silent quartz movement so you won’t get bothered while playing Star Wars Jedi Survivor. If you’re feeling a bit quirky, you can change the gold clock hands to lightsaber hands. Now that’s an interesting piece. 



Star Wars Wall Clock


Buy Star Wars Wall Clock at Best Price







Star Wars StormTrooper Decanter Set


Fan of the stormtroopers? Then you’ll definitely have fun with this Star Wars decanter set. It’s an absolutely awesome item to have in your room. Fill it in with whiskey, blue gatorade, mountain dew or just about anything and it will look cool.

You can buy the whole set that includes 2 glasses and a 750ml glass decanter or just the decanter or just the glasses. Either way, it’s a great item to have in your Star Wars collection.



Star Wars Storm Trooper Decanter Plus 2 Glasses


Buy Star Wars Storm Trooper Decanter Set at Best Price



Star Wars Jedi Knight Certificate


If you are looking for a gift for a Star Wars fan who basically has it all, then look no further. Get him his Star Wars Jedi Knight Certificate! Or if he fights with the other side, then a Sith Lord Certificate. Either way, both of you will have fun with giving and receiving this cool Star Wars merch. 



Star Wars Jedi Knight Certificate


Buy Star Wars Jedi Knight Certificate at Best Price



Star Wars Stormtrooper Toilet Sign


Have some fun in your game room or with your gift to a Star Wars fan with this Stormtrooper or Stormpooper toilet sign! It comes in two different color designs but why bother choosing one? Buy both and get them at a bundle price!



Star Wars Stormtrooper Toilet Sign


Buy Star Wars Storm Trooper Sign at Best Price



Where to find the best Star Wars Jedi Survivor merch?



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