Top 5 Gaming Merchandise and Gift Ideas Under $20 in 2023

The April 29, 2023 in Gift2Gamers News

Here are affordable gaming merchandise and gift ideas for gamers of all ages that are just under $20!

  By Nathalie

Gift Ideas Under $20

If you’re looking for a gift for your gamer friend that will not break the bank, then you’re in the right place with this list of gaming gift ideas under $20!


These carefully picked out items are gaming merch which you won’t feel bad about buying and whoever you’re giving it to, won’t feel like you just got anything from the shelves…or online for that matter.


And don’t worry if you do not know what type of game your recipient enjoys playing because these items are useful for any gamer and for all ages. 





I think we can all agree that energy drinks are one of the best friends of any gamer. Regardless if he or she has a cooler or a mini fridge in the room, a can cooler right next to them would make a perfect gift. And, a practical one too since your recipient can carry and enjoy this wherever they go.


What makes this merch even more awesome is that it’s highly customizable. You can opt for your recipient’s name engraved in the can cooler with 33 fonts to choose from OR you can pick out any of their 24 pre-made designs (of course, gaming inspired) for just under $20!


If you’re feeling a bit more generous, you can even pay just a few cents over for your custom design to be laser engraved. This item is available in two colors: Onyx and Snow.


Energy Drink Insulated Can Cooler


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Is your friend the type who spends hours on end gaming and won’t even stand up to get a bottle of water? Or just the type who likes having a desk clear of anything apart from gaming equipment? 


Then this armrest caddy is the perfect gift! It can hold various items like drinks, snacks, extra controllers, batteries, etc. This merch has 2 strong adjustable clip straps so no worries if you’re not sure what game chair he or she uses. It also has 2 hooks at the button to hold anything, even trash bags!


Although customizing it is not an option as of the moment, you’ll be glad to know that it is easy maintenance even for the messiest gamer: water resistant and machine washable. 


Gaming Chair Armrest Caddy


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Let’s face it, this destiny coin is just plain out awesome. How many times have you heard gamers say “one more” countless times? This metal destiny flip coin for gamers can just help with that. 


This coin is made of pure metal and unlike similar coins for gamers, it’s got a good weight on it. Also bigger at 1.7 inches in diameter and ⅛ inch thick. The regular price for it is exactly at $20 but this game merch usually goes on sale! So always check or add it to your wishlist so you can get updated regularly.


Destiny Flip Coin for Gamers


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Yes this is game specific but in the end, this is a pretty cool looking bottle opener. And unlike its predecessor, this bottle opener is now double sided.


This gift idea for gamers is made of antique silver plated steel with soft enamel paint. It’s only 4 inches long so even if your recipient uses it other than a keychain (maybe a pendant). it still works!


Kratos Leviathan Axe Bottle Opener Keychain


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Apparel is always a top gift choice in the realm of gaming; probably next to gift cards. Not only are they practical but they are a safe choice when it comes to gift giving. 


Apparel allows you to choose from fully customizing it to choosing from countless designs including this evolution one which is quite funny. This particular gaming t-shirt has 3 different colors, 5 adult sizes, and 5 kids sizes you can pick from. It’s sizing starts from kids aged 3 years old!


Evolution Gamer T-Shirt


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Finding a good gift within a budget is not always easy, especially if you don’t want to keep giving gaming gift cards every time there’s an occasion.

But with Gift2Gamers around, we might just be able to help out a lot. Just like this top 5 gaming merchandise and gift ideas under $20 article, we will be publishing similar content in different budget marks. So, stay tuned!


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