Starfield Merch: Where to find and buy Galactic Treasures Right Now

The September 12, 2023 in Gift2Gamers News

Truly immerse in one of the best sci-fi video game releases this year! Get these best Starfield merchandise now to level up your gaming experience and your game room design fit for all space cadets!


By Nathalie


Best Starfield Merchandise


Did you wait for Starfield’s release like a true fan of space exploration and science fiction? Although the merch that comes with the Starfield Constellation Edition is top notch and just absolutely awesome, there are other merch also worthy to be taken home and added to your space-inspired game room or collection.


Let’s take a look at the best Starfield merchandise that can enhance your gaming experience and level up your space style!




Starfield Limited Edition Controller And Wireless Headset


If budget is not an issue and you like collecting video-game inspired gaming gears, then this Starfield limited edition controller and wireless headset is a top buy. To be fair, even if you’re not a Starfield fan, these equipment look awesome. This is a UK Retail exclusive and is only available on and at GAME stores. 


Starfield Limited Edition Controller Wireless Headset



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Starfield T-Shirt



Now we move on to the easiest and the most practical merch to buy, a Starfield T-Shirt. This is the best way to show love and support to the game without spending too much nor altering the design of your room or gaming desk. And since you wear it, it’s a great conversation starter when you’re out and about. 


This 100% cotton Starfield t-shirt comes in six sizes ranging from small to 3XL.



Starfield T-Shirt



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Diablo IV



Starfield Phone Case



Get your iPhone a Starfield upgrade with this Starfield iPhone case. Although the design is game inspired, anyone who appreciates good graphic design will appreciate this merch.


You can choose if you want a soft case, snap case, or the tough case to fit in your iPhone. don’t worry about the model too as you can choose from classic iPhone 4 up to the most recent iPhone 14.



Starfield Phone Case


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Starfield Constellation Journal


Enhance your Starfield gaming experience and truly feel like you’re exploring the vast unknown with this unofficial constellation journal. If astronauts have a space logbook, so should you!


This hardcover journal has 192 lined pages and is the perfect compact size of 5.5 x 8.5 inches.



Starfield Journal


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Where to find Starfield gaming merchandise at best price?


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